One Generative World


May 1, 2020. For the first time is Labour Day without Workers. This is not accidental, but it’s a big Epochal CHANGE and means that our System is too heavy and not sustainable.

TODAY, we must choose if we want to start the Five Industrial Revolution without unleashing the New World War, and the Virus is giving everyone a great opportunity for a peaceful change. We can achieve the 5G – GREAT GLOBAL GRAVITATIONAL GENERATIVE GOAL. Structures, Super-structures, and Infrastructures built in the last century needed to be replaced in 2000, today they’re too old and heavy. They’re slowing down all development processes, and Covid19 is only and simply an effect (not a cause of this). Consequently, we must quickly regain 20 years lost REPLACING + TRANSFORMING the structures, superstructures, and infrastructures – not from above or below – but in the CORE. One of the biggest problems will be given by an increase of data exchanged in the world due to 10 BIG PHENOMENA:

1. Population increase

2. Inequalities increase

3. People habits (cleaning, feeding, moving, consumptions in

4. Climate emergency (global warming, pollution, deforestation, exploitation of natural resources)

5. Social structures (welfare, healthcare, instruction, transportation)

6. Economic and Financial system (businesses, banks, markets,

7. Smart-Working (working mode)

8. Smart-City (living mode)

9. Streaming (education mode)

10. Gaming (entertainment mode)


Through THE MANIFESTO, I suggest an innovative way of introducing a New Economic Theory. The theory is mainly based on 4 Factors: CONTENTS + BITS + SHARING + DIVIDING. In my view, they’re fundamental to build and support all decision-making processes in the future. It means one thing only: as Citizens of the Earth we’re all still much weaker, and to defeat phenomena like a virus, today and especially in the future, must seek a new kind of sustainable welfare. To achieve this goal by 2030, we must begin RADICALLY, QUICKLY, SURGICALLY, PROGRESSIVELY some parts of the system (inefficient and dangerous in many respects). Technology is not enough and has strong limits if there is no cooperation among the people and governments around the world. It’s simple: there’s no real circular economy without a large data circulation. THE MANIFESTO is based on Real Circular Economy, so you need to be careful to 4 KEY-WORDS:

1. from Solution to Selection

2. from Relocation to Decentralization

3. from Situation to Vision

4. from Evolution to Elevation

Selection means identifying and removing problems that can damage or slow down or block Real Circular Economy. Decentralization allows reducing time, costs, inequalities, pollution. Vision allows us to set universal objectives, and study the best way of the selected parts. Elevation allows one to bring people to a higher level of awareness and well-being to grow, prosper, and live peacefully.

In my view, 4 disciplines are studied together within a Program (or Project) can produce a real change and a New Circular Development Model. So, I coined the acronym M.E.E.T.

1. Mass and Media (Sociology)

2. Environment

3. Economy

4. Technology

In my opinion, 4 principles and/or conditions can be applied together within a Program (or Project) and thus produce a real change and a New Circular Development Model. So, I coined the acronym I.D.E.A.

1. Inclusion

2. Diversity

3. Equity

4. Access


Generativity is a new way of thinking and acting oriented towards CREATIVITY, CONNECTIVITY, PRODUCTIVITY, ACCOUNTABILITY. It can positively impact future methods of producing, innovating, living, taking care, organizing, and investing in the Economic Circuit. To achieve the GREAT GLOBAL GRAVITATIONAL GENERATIVE GOAL (5G) I thought and designed a New Economic Model named THEORY OF SHARING AND DIVIDING (for maximum transparency, at the moment it’s empirical and it must be perfected with the contribution of everyone). In the future, everything will move more in the virtual world and one of the biggest matters will be the lack of space due to the increase in content. This could jeopardize the social, economic, financial, and environmental system much more than a virus until it collapses. So, if we want to avoid this, we must change our Life system, and focus on the virtual world.

Universatility (Universality + Utility) is a word I coined in 2010 in my Graduation thesis. The idea arises from the possibility of conceiving a Universal being and his ability to embrace every field of human knowledge with the utility explained in the philosophical, sociological, economic, and computer fields. The result is a being no longer separate from the whole (cosmos, universe, etc.) but total in perfect harmony, communication, and symbiosis with everything. In my view, the famous formula conceived in 1905 by Albert Einstein (E = mc2) can also be used in Economics and Computer science, today two interdependent disciplines. A New Energy can be released by the Mass of data multiplied by the Speed of their transmission through the Light.


In my view, Maximum Sharing of Content will allow everyone to distribute better the degrees of separation and consume fewer Bits (in the future these factors will strongly weigh on all economies). This New Way uses the crossing of 2 Models I named UGP and BOS. UGP (Unique Giving Proposition) is a Model that would trigger the real circular economy and would mainly affect Time, while BOS (Bits Of Separation) is a model that would speed up the same circularity, and affect Space. Right now, we live within an ECHO-System made up of those interacting elements, and the Virtual World will lead them to the merger (it means considering them as a single setting or sphere). The brand new is in having tried to join some elements belonging to the 4 BIG SYSTEMS into the Environment:

1. Economic system (Demand + Supply)

2. Social system (Grants + Bits)

3. Technological system (Applications + Devices)

4. Physical system (Time + Space)

2 models, UGP and BOS, can be crossed like the classic model of the Demand and Supply, and then create a New Economic Development System. UGP and BOS don’t want to replace existing and established classic practices and theories but support people, businesses, organizations, and governments to take the path of non-conflictual cooperation and maximum sharing. Each person will receive social and economic welfare based on the degree or level of 4 Factors: AWARENESS, KNOWLEDGE, SHARING, COMPETITION. The factors will be placed in the circuit (economic, financial, social, environmental) that will keep us increasingly connected. In this regard, 2 Models rest on 5 pillars (listed below). 10 PILLARS in total, provides a precise indication of the elements I believe have become necessary to overcome this great and precarious transformation time.




UGP – Unique Giving Proposition (X-Factor / Efficacy)

I coined the acronym UGP* to re-establish the importance of GIVING and RECEIVING which has the ‘Gift’ (Mauss 1923) and supporting the USP theory (Unique Selling Proposition) already entered in all businesses and organizations (Reeves 1940). I think the New World should be built considering this X-FACTOR but with a new perspective. According to us, every good can be considered Grants (is no longer a sale or charity or volunteer); so, in this way would bind a person to return the favor by creating 1, developing 2, spreading 3, increasing 4, the well-being towards everyone. It will be the person who will create the added value, not the good. This Model should trigger at once a change of paradigm and a virtuous circular economic process. UGP leans on 5 PILLARS: Time (the core), Sustainability, Subsidiarity, Accountability, Heredity. UGP represents the EFFICACY of the system. *Look at the global project THE BILLION.


It’s a CODE that sets the dimension in which the passing of terrestrial events is conceived and measured. In life, it’s vital and it works with Space (the other fundamental variable). In my view, to achieve tangible and measurable results, actions should be planned for an average period of 5 years with slight and gradual changes each year. TIME, like the Demand and Supply, can be ELASTIC (for example, we can think about the distance measurement, time zones, etc.) and the exploitation of this feature can give great competitive advantages. The brand new is to put in a wider context, as an indicator of an Economic system.


It’s a PROCESS that sets the correct use of 4 FEATURES: Available resources, Investment plans, the Direction of technological development, Institutional changes. This process puts everything in balance and allows us to face this important change. In my view, the Environment and the Earth must be placed at the beginning of the chain of all decision-making processes and practices (not at the end, as it’s still today), because they give us the resources with which we can continue to get great benefits. The Environment and the Earth are guaranteeing us life and survival. We must consider that resources are running out and can no longer be generated again, others need billions of years to form and many others are changing their composition and conformation thus becoming useless in the future. Furthermore, I believe the word “exploitation” (resources, capital, labor force) should be abolished everywhere and replaced with “use”. Words are very important.


It’s a PRINCIPLE that sets a system according to which if any subordinate subject is capable of carrying out a task well, the higher subject must not intervene or interfere, but can (possibly) support its action. According to my vision, a Corporate should not crush a smaller business because it’s counterproductive in the long run (for example, through policies based on price discrimination, but to collaborate with it for the good of people). If the consumers are satisfied with the behavior of a business, they will return to purchase the goods. A Government, instead, should facilitate a smaller business and allow its gradual development by reducing bureaucracy and taxes. Control will paradoxically be greater, but less expensive and evident. In my opinion, Subsidiarity is much more efficacy and measurable than solidarity within a real circular economy.


It’s a PRINCIPLE that sets the freedom of a person, a business, an organization, and a government. Everyone can choose which behavior to keep guaranteeing the freedom of others. For this, there are 6 TYPES OF ACCOUNTABILITY: Moral, Patrimonial, Juridical, Political, Corporate, Environmental. I believe they should all be put on the same level in decision-making and organizational terms because they have the same importance and regulatory function. Only together they can contribute to the development and evolution of people. Keeping responsibilities separate is a condition that will give great problems in an increasingly globalized society and will not support the real circular economy (which must not have blocked as a first condition to develop).


It’s a PRINCIPLE that sets every society. According to what you inherit or receive, you may know whether the previous situation was convenient or not and therefore build the next condition. It can give a more correct analysis of the results, therefore more elements can also be obtained for future choices. I also believe this principle (absolutely not considered) is very strategic for the goals as it would allow us to measure new performances. In this regard, 6 TYPES OF HEREDITY should be considered: Informatics (data), Genetics (DNA), Patrimonial (Assets), Earth (resources), Knowledge (learning), Spiritual (values). They are essential parts of plans and should be included in a development program and all decision-making and organizational processes.


BOS – Bits Of Separation  (Y Factor / Efficiency)

In my opinion, this virus is increasing the distances that technology has decreased. I coined the acronym BOS* to re-establish the importance of the ‘THEORY OF SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION’ (Karinthy 1929). I think the New World should be built considering this Y-FACTOR but with a new perspective. I believe the degrees of separation could be re-calculated according to the sharing of Contents and Space filled. In the future, a lot of space will be needed to support the Bits request (the cloud system and servers will no longer be sufficient). According to us, to reduce the space we must work on pushing sharing most. BOS leans on 5 PILLARS: Space (the core), Reputation, Affiliation, Outsourcing, Networking. BOS represents the EFFICIENCY of the system. *Look at the global project THE BILLION.

In this regard, Bits can be split thanks to the speed of Light. I called this process “BREAKBIT” inspired by the mixing technique called “Breakbeat” of Dj Kool Herk (the father of Hip Hop).


It’s a CODE that sets an indefinite and unlimited entity that contains all known material things. In life it’s fundamental and it works with Time, the other vital variable. In my opinion, to get concrete, tangible and measurable results, actions should be planned considering not only the physical space among people but also the virtual distances that divide them. SPACE, like the Demand and Supply, can be ELASTIC (for example, we can think about the content, services, goods, that help facilitate connections between people and then help keep them connected). The brand new is to put in a wider context, as an indicator of an Economic system.


It’s a PRINCIPLE that sets the credibility of a person or a group and is closely related to reliability and trust. It acts on the Levels of separation when the virtuous circular economy, to be efficient, is not interrupted. Moreover, I think it’s better than the meritocratic method because it’s measurable with algorithms that give scores (Rep Score) and can also help to resize strongly fake news (they will increasingly harm world economies). Every business, government, and organization thrives or fails according to the people hired. About this matter, it’s necessary to rethink the recruitment method and the ENGAGEMENT SYSTEM (talent acquisition).


It’s a PROCESS that sets trade agreements between people and businesses but also among organizations and future governments. The purpose is to make conversions (for example, ‘pay per click’) that can be re-formulated on the topics faced. In my view, the levels of separation will become more or less elastic even according to the conversions. Also, the FINANCIAL SYSTEM must be re-designed on this matter (cryptocurrency).


It’s a PROCESS that sets the reliance on external resources. It doesn’t mean relocating (for example, by establishing an external headquarter), but decentralized organization, production, and distribution practices building several Hosts along a ‘backbone’ (as the old economies along rivers). In my opinion, 4 decisive effects can be achieved: reducing the imbalances (dumping and duties causing increasing poverty and diseases), reducing inequalities (countries where labor costs are lower), rising wages, rising consumers. So, the WAGE SYSTEM must be re-designed (smart wages).


It’s a PROCESS that sets the participation of people within a relationship network. The ‘Number of Dumbar’ and ‘Grafi’ could be perfect starting points to create a new virtuous circular system. In my opinion, to improve people’s well-being it’s important to invest more in the degree of sharing joined with the quality of content and information. On this matter also the WORK SYSTEM must be re-designed (smart working).



They show the potential relationship between UGP and BOS and between Time and Space. I replaced the Supply with the UGP and the Demand with the BOS, the Price with Time, and Quantity with Space. Heavy energy savings can be achieved based on the Quality of content provided by businesses and organizations joined with the Quantity of sharing. The ECONOMIC THEORY OF SHARING AND DIVIDING touches 4 Macro-Spheres putting them in close correlation: ECONOMICS – SOCIAL – TECHNOLOGY – PHYSICS.




In the future, we’ll attend 4 PHENOMENA: Smart-working, Smart-city, Streaming, Gaming. My model would allow us to split the Bits into several parts like the molecules and save space. To achieve this, we need to push content sharing, so to TRIGGER, MAINTAIN, GUARANTEE, INCREASE development.

1A. A business offers the same number of Contents (UGP) to more people divided by Bits (BOS). It will take more Time to transfer data and more Space will be taken up by the Bits.

1B.  A business offers the same number of Contents (UGP) to fewer people divided by Bits (BOS). It will take less Time to transfer data and less Space will be taken up by the Bits.

2A. A business offers more content (UGP) to the same number of people divided by bits (BOS). It will take more Time to transfer data and less Space will be taken up by the Bits. It can be the ideal situation.

2B. A business offers less content (UGP) to the same number of people divided by bits (BOS). It will take less Time to transfer data but more Space will be taken up by the Bits.