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TIM LEADER is a Global Platform of Digital Education. It was launched on 02.02.2020, a day named “palindrome” or a word that can also be read backward. It’s one of the very few projects in the world started on this very special day that occurs every 1010 YEARSTIM is an acronym that means Thought In Motion. TIM LEADER was created to push people to get good and new ideas. TIM LEADER is also YOU when involving many people around you, near and far. Don’t wait, be the first to ideas! 

TIM LEADER is composed of 5 integrated parts: The Manifesto, The Gate, The Billion, The Overlook, The Meet. It was designed thanks to the support of my 7 little grandchildren (born between 2007 and 2015). They’re the real future, so we must plan things by listening to their ideas. No project is futuristic if it’s based only on our needs and habits. TIM LEADER is ahead because it was built by listening to very intelligent children. TIM LEADER doesn’t propose the truth, because we all have opinions and ideas which can help improve the world and time we live. 

TIM LEADER just lives with the personal and valuable support of people. For this reason, I wish to also involve Universities, Non-profit Organizations, Foundations, and Companies with strong values. Nobody must be excluded from a process of change because exclusion inevitably leads to the start of conflicts (and these lead to the death of ideas that instead would improve the condition of life). If life is better, everyone gains, especially those who invest in the future and ideas.

TIM LEADER also wants to make known the gifted power with 2 ideas named UGP (Unique Giving Proposition) and BOS (Bits Of Separation). They can support every business to move in the future.

TIM LEADER is based on 5, a perfect number for any type of processing. Think about it: 5 are the continents and oceans, the fingers of a hand that allows us to grasp and build anything, the natural elements, our senses, the pentagram to write music. This number is also the symbol of the Universal human (Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing) or the Quintessence of everything, and represents explorers, pioneers and change.



1. THE MANIFESTO is a World Vision containing a New Economic Model named Sharing and Dividing. This model tries to join, and cross some principles of economics, physics, computer science and sociology. It aims to show how to achieve a New Circular Economy through the new change of paradigm and a new system to manage and exchange the Contents.

2. THE GATE is a Social Lever that will allow everyone to build a connecting Bridge among 4 Players: Universities, Organizations, Businesses, People (Shareholders and Stakeholders), and will bring Players to a new dimension so that they can work with new technologies (Blockchain, AI, VR, AR, etc.).

3. THE BILLION is a Sharing Project that will allow everyone to carry out the New Economic Model, so move to the maximum sharing of Content and information.

4. THE OVERLOOK is a Drive System that will allow everyone to gain Benefits through the sharing of opinions about tips coming from The Billion. It will bring each one to create a real and stable New Business in its country and so get competitive advantages.

5. THE MEET is the fifth part. People can meet, convey, modify messages by producing new and interesting ideas and interactions. In this way, each novel always will take on a new meaning. By clicking on a keyword or a sentence of The Billion you can enter a space within the platform and meet other people to open a discussion.



AEONETWORK. Aeone + Network. I coined this word inspired by Aeon (In theology, it’s the superior creative entity that holds all the information of the universe) and wants to mean a superior category. From the current Social Network, we will move to the Aeonetwork which will involve any information present in the universe. In this way, a company will have a monopoly and control, not on Big Data but their transmission.

ALGORHYTHM. Algorithm + Rhythm. I coined this word inspired by working life driven by processes designed on production rhythms. In my view, life will increasingly be governed by algorithms and the Rhythm will be at the base of all operations.

LOOP PIXEL GRAVITY. I coined this word inspired by Loop Quantum Gravity (a quantum theory of space-time that seeks to unify quantum mechanics and general relativity). This system would allow us to keep Big data expressed in the form of Pixels hooked to the business.

BITNETICS. Bit + Kinetics. I coined this word to represents a new System. Kinetics in chemistry studies the rate of reaction and factors that influence it. The kinetically slow reactions can be favored by using suitable catalysts that lower the activation energy, increasing the number of effective impacts thus decreasing the reaction times. This system will revolutionize Bits, Big Data, and Shared Contents (see Dynamic Metasphere).

HOMO ERGONOMICUS. The concept of Homo Economicus is connected to the classical Economic Theory, to be contrasted with Homo Magnanimus (in my mind is the human who cares about collective interests). Two concepts also differ politically because the former is in favor of Liberalism, while the latter is in favor of Altruism. In my view, Homo Economicus deals with the interaction between the elements that make up a system (man + machine) and the functions that make them interact (theory, principles, data, methods, models that are applied in design) to increase people’s satisfaction and improve system performance. The concept of Homo Ergonomicus is supported by what I named Conditioned Altruism.

CONDITIONING ALTRUISM. I coined this word studying the evolution of humans over the past twenty years. In my mind, it’s the ability to move the same shared Content (Altruism) according to needs (Conditioning). In the future, the contents will become increasingly precious and more important than personal data, especially for those involved in education. They’re the content that allow us to create new ideas for the evolutionary process, and increase the exchange (today it’s very very low). So, it’s necessary to create a forcing in the system through nudges.

PIXEL COMPUTING. I coined this word thinking of a new way of sharing Data and Contents in particular which (today, they’re seen by many people but shared among very few). In the future, population growth and the resulting increase in the number of connections will increase data exchange. Therefore, it will be necessary to build new servers or build more powerful servers, this will increase costs or increase the energy demand. In my mind, Pixel Computing could increase the transmission speed and lower the weight of Data in proportion to the number of people who will share the same Content. The Contents can be organized in many small cells like those of Bees and can be transmitted through Light (LiFi Technology – see ToBe Srl). Each Pixel can also be split into Sub-pixels. This new system can produce a Real Circular Economy by increasing the number of Shares. The fractioning and recomposition of the human and of its molecules isn’t possible yet (Star Trek’s teleporting), but in my view it can split and recompose its identity and personality through the movement of the Bits. So, the contents will be directly conditioned by the Bits; right now, it’s the content that affects the Bits. Pixel Computing is the process, while the Metasphere is the wide box (the new black box or also white box). This will allow us to overcome the ‘Classical conditioning’ by Pavlov, the ‘Operant conditioning’ by Skinner, and maybe also the algorithms.

RELATIVE ZERO. The concept of Absolute Zero is connected to Information Theory through the concept of Entropy (it’s the quantity that measures the amount of Data and is expressed as the number of bits needed to store or transmit information). I coined this word when I hypothesized the existence of Relative Zero to insert the concept of Enantiodromia (or the regulatory function of opposites in the Information Theory – it’s the game of opposites in the becoming whereby everything that exists subsequently passes into its opposite) into the ‘Information Theory’. Even social balance, such as the balance of the states of matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma), and the economic balance (liberalism, protectionism) can be balanced by a transformation that can occur through the sharing of the same Contents (see Pixel Computing). Entropy mainly concerns the Bits and their binary system (0,1), while in my mind the Enantiodromia involves the Contents composed by bits and the possibility of conveying and conditioning the movement from one Bit to another through the choice and share of the same content. Today the Contents depend on the Bits and their weight, but tomorrow I believe that the Bits will depend on the Contents. For this reason, in my view, the principle governing the movement of the Bit from 0 to 1 can be the Relative Zero.

DYNAMIC METASPHERE. The concepts of Infodata and Infosphere are connected to Information Philosophy. There’s also Metadata, therefore, I coined this word when I hypothesized the existence of the Metasphere. Metadata is information composed of a set of Infodata (for example a library) and holds the function to make data more usable and accessible through a process of Research, Management, Localization, Selection, Interoperability, Availability. So, Metadata concerns the technical features of the process. In my mind, Metasphere is composed of contents originating from semantic agents (humans A + machines B = Infodata) within a semantic space (Infosphere), reworked during the process involving the multi-semantic aspect (A + B + A1 + B1). Metasphere is dynamic because it’s constantly evolving, moving, changing, and so produces a large amount of data that generates further modification in evolutionary thought. Metasphere is connected to the concept of Relative Zero (and the displacement of thoughts and contents) and it can significantly affect human evolution.

ONCHAIN. I thought about this term inspired by Online and Onlife (a term coined by Prof. Luciano Floridi to express our lived experience of ‘ever-increasing’ pervasiveness of information and communication technologies). It defines more and more of our daily activity – the way we shop, work, learn, care for our health, entertain ourselves, conduct our relationships; the way we interact with the worlds of law, finance, and politics; even the way we conduct war. In every department of life, ICTs have become environmental forces that are creating and transforming our realities. All this will be done through the blockchain; for this reason, our life will be moved within a virtual chain or OnChain.

DIGITAL MÖBIUS STRIP. In mathematics, and more precisely in topology, the Möbius strip is an example of a non-orientable surface that can be realized as a ruled surface. In the case of the Möbius strip, there’s only one side and only one edge. After the first lap, you are on the opposite side, and after two laps you are on the initial side. In my view, the strip can be used as a concept in I.T. to increase the time spent on content within the same surface or platform. All the contents will scroll on the same face and then will be brought back modified.

DIGITAL FIDGET SPINNER. It’s a funny toy composed of a ball bearing in the center of a multi-lobed (typically two or three), and a flat structure made from metal or plastic designed to spin along its axis with very little effort. The toy has been promoted as helping people who have trouble focusing or those who may need a fidget to relieve nervous energy, anxiety, or psychological stress. In my view, this object can be inserted inside the Möbius strip and can be used as a concept in information technology to increase the level of attention on the contents within the same surface or platform.

DIGITAL RECYCLING. I coined this word to represents a new Model. It allows you to enter all companies without acquiring the shares. Works like gravity around the sun, this model will create dependency without having to be bound by agreements. It will move from data storage to recycling of data, from selling to reselling of data.

DIGITAL COLLIDER. I coined this word to represents a new System. In Physics, Collider is a machine for forcing particles (extremely small pieces of matter) to hit each other at high speed so scientists can study what is produced. In my view, in the digital world, it can facilitate and accelerate the passage of data from one part to another. By binding to the previous concept creates a new process.

LATENT BIT. I coined this word because, in my view, the Bits (unit of measurement defined as the minimum amount of information needed to discern between two equally likely events) can be traced back to a new probabilistic calculation with the addition of the concept of Latency. Latency is equivalent to a known but hidden Bit. The Bits could be stored and reused to lower the degree of uncertainty. This could be done by working on the concepts of Variable and Sequence following game theories.

LATENT DATA. I coined this word because, in my view, the Data (an extensive collection of information in terms of volume, speed, and variety to require specific analytical technologies and methods for extraction) can be traced back to a new probabilistic calculation with the addition of the concept of Latency. Latency is equivalent to known but hidden Data. Data could be stored and reused to lower the weight value. This could be done by working on the concepts of Variable and Frequency following game theories.

INFLUENCER’S DILEMMA. I devised this matter to propose a new Social game that can also influence algorithms and decisions. An Influencer is a person able to significantly influence the opinions and attitudes of others due to his reputation and authority on certain issues or areas of interest, and to reach a potentially high number of individuals with his messages, thus creating the conditions for large-scale share the messages. The Dilemma. An Influencer has 100K subscribers on his social, an average of 70K views, and an average of 500 comments per video. To further spread his ideas and increase the number of subscribers and views, he chooses to aim for the strongest followers. To understand who they’re he looks at the comments but fails to make a real distinction between who’s a true fan and who comments for narcissism and/or own visibility. The Influencer, therefore, has 2 possibilities:

– Asking followers to suggest a new topic, thus proving that he isn’t a true influencer.

– Don’t ask anything and remain in doubt, thus demonstrating he’s followed even by people not much influenced.

But that’s not all, because there’re 2 other equally interesting aspects. Will the influencer spread the dilemma that could put him in difficulty? What will happen to the influencer who divulges the Influencer’s Dilemma?

THEORY OF NOTHING (TON). I believe no formula is as perfect as imagination, so this idea will represent a new scenario. Due to its wide complexity, the Universe cannot be programmed or circumscribed within rules, formulas, codes, signs, and names, but imagined only. Quantum mechanics and General relativity are theories that are still in disagreement because they explain the phenomena and events of the universe differently. In my view, there’re no macro and micro phenomena and events because they’re the same. For this reason, can be correct to say they delete each other out. I used the term ‘Theory of Nothing’ (TON) as opposed to the ‘Theory of Everything’ (TOE) imagining all phenomena and events known so far are realized thanks to the Nothing or BIG VOID, the perfect environment.

Hypothesis 1. In the Big Void, the Theory of Quantum Mechanics is suitable for explaining Phenomena, while the Theory of General Relativity is suitable for explaining Events. Since our body contains the Universe and the Universe contains our body it’s possible two theories can be merged like DNA at the same. By the way, if DNA is replicable it’s conceivable the Universe can replicate. Below, the scheme.


Hypothesis 2. In the Big Void, Space (tangible element) exists and works thanks by the Motion (intangible element) and vice-versa, while the Time (intangible element) exists and works thanks by the Particles (tangible element) and vice-versa. Four elements work together, and are always conditioned by 8 great variables: Density, Mass, Size, Volume, Forces, Energies, Acceleration, Speed. Below, the scheme.


In both cases, I think Time (trice) and Space (position) exist to the extent they can be ‘dissolved’ in this dimensionless environment through the Overlock Effect. This term coined by me hypothesizes that Time and Space can be cut and stitched up as the ‘splicing technique’ for pre-mRna. Within the Big Void (that contain the replicable Universe), Waves-Particles are everywhere and nowhere at the same time, while the speed and mass of a body shape each other changing continuously. Attraction and Gravity exist but are deleted as no body is divided from another under the fact all bodies make up the Big Void. In a system filled by the Big Void, also the Light Speed is neutral as it’s absorbed by it. Paradoxically, as the last purpose, all phenomena and events tend to form and delete themselves out. ‘Before-Now-After’ doesn’t exist as sequentiality but co-exist as integrality. In my view, it isn’t possible to join two or more theories by matching them into one. It’s necessary to think of a new theory that deletes everything to give – on the contrary – the movement to all things (phenomena, events, bodies).

Conclusion. Anyway, each little or big cycle must end and so actions, experiences, knowledge, skills acquired over time will be void in front of a geological change that will involve men, plants, animals, minerals, water, etc. For example, an exit of the earth from its orbit lasting a thousandth of a second or a few micro millimeters is enough to cause the immediate extinction of every living species present on the ground. In my view, two greatest mysteries are memorization and un-memorization. Why Particles come together to form a human rather than an animal or a rock and then dissolve at the end of the cycle to become or assume another form? What’s the point of accumulating actions, experiences, knowledge, skills if we know that everything will have an end?